With a Pail and a Stick

Have you ever stood on the break of spring
With the sun so warm at noon
and the banks of snow were melting below
The water ran out and a stream would form.

You could stop a stream and create a dam
With a 4 foot stick you could form a trench
A masterful way to get wet.

The time was short cause school intervened
and you had to be home by 5
But that sudden surge of sun on snow
and the melting below and the water run
Brought the whole world alive.

You could build and create
Save nations you liked
or wipe out a town with a touch.
Cause in a young mind when spring sprang forth
The whole world was yours as the water ran free.
And as for me, till I went home wet
where mother would give me a blast,
I was builder and planner on a grandiose scale

With only a pail and a stick.



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